Туристическо селище ТЕРАЗИНИ хотели  гр. Бяла

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About Us

About Us

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Terazini holiday resort is situated in the town of Byala in the district of Varna. We offer you a wonderful opportunity to escape the pressure of workdays in the city. Specific spatial arrangement of the apartments in 9 separate two-storey houses with balconies overlooking the town and the seashore around a neatly situated pool provide for a unique atmosphere in the resort. Free space in the vicinity appeals to a satisfyingly relaxing experience away from the densely built hotels while the privately enclosed resort area contributes to a feeling of security and serenity.  Guests at Terazini resort are accommodated at a reception desk and are provided the use of a bar, a restaurant, a children’s playground and an open swimming pool with Jacuzzi

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